Awesome apps for your iPhone
by Widgetize
"Could be likened to what Technicolor did for the Wizard of Oz" -

Colorize lets you selectively recolor your photos by brushing with your finger. We tuned Colorize for speed, so it's fast and fluid which makes using it a joy. The coloring effect preserves the original details of your photo, including brightness and saturation, so the results look natural and realistic.

Watch a video demonstration on Youtube!

Creating fun portraits has never been easier!

Instantly turn your friends into awesome characters like the Mona Lisa, Statue of Liberty, or even a bright yellow sunflower!

  • Dozens of selections to choose from.
  • Automatic color matching creates seamless portraits right before your eyes.
  • Manual color, contrast, and saturation adjustment for the pros!

Shoot black and white videos that expose (focus on) a single color for a truly unique effect.
  • A simple color slider to quickly select focus color
  • Change focus color while recording in progress
  • Live effect preview - what you see is what you record
  • Now takes high resolution still photographs too

A video camera that travels through time! As you record, move the interactive time slider and watch your footage age in real time.

  • Smooth, continuous transition from today to 1920's
  • Live effect preview - what you see is what you record